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What is a liquid crystal module, LCM is what?

    Shenzhen xingyuhe electronics as the earliest engaged in LCD module (LCM) R & D and manufacturing enterprise, to customer questions about LCD module there are often have sufficient understanding and LCM factory Xingyu company LCD display module engineering staff in the basics of LCD module do introduce uniform.
    What is a liquid crystal module
    The LCD module and LCM refer to the same product, LCM (liquid crystal module) is the abbreviation of LCD module English translation.
    So what is the LCD module products?
    Usually, we only on the LCD screen LCD screen is more familiar with, understand what kind of. The LCD module (LCM) is a self display LCD screen information. We all know the LCD screen if access not output video signal through a video line equipment is not displaying video information. While the LCD module is a signal output device, video line and LCD screen together equipment, which is the LCM video output device comprises a circuit board, IC control, drive and other components.
    Liquid crystal display module is a liquid crystal display device, a connecting piece, integrated circuit, control drive circuit and PCB circuit board, back light source, structure of assembly in together can according to user requirements into the design of complete display module.